The plastic bottle debate

I love this advert as a prevocational tool to start the discussion about plastic bottles in current society!


Reports and Twinkl

Just posted these stickers to Facebook too cute right? but in all seriousness they have amazing banks of report comments šŸ™‚

PLAY! and why we all should!

<p><a href=”″>Connected Learning: Playing, Creating, Making</a> from <a href=””>Connected Learning Alliance</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


I know it’s report Writing time but this is a nice watch

Harmony Day

It’s Harmony Day this Monday and so I thought I’d share the eBook I am reading with my class to celebrate this amazing day.

I has been made by the Human Rights Commission Australia, and resourced though the Victorian Education Department, this is free PDF and audio download.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 8.25.47 pm

All details can be found at



Maths Madness

It has been a while since I had to teach numbers to small children, mostly because I seam to Join my class after number has been covered. I love teaching Maths. I love that it is hands on, enriched with language and fun. however we all run out of steam and find it tricky this is where the next two items come in to play

TheĀ UTAH EDUCATION NETWORKĀ has amazing stuff on their website

this week I’ve used the More and Less pack

The other page worth checking is

My Pinterest page

I’ve got 100’s of ideas and links ( I do check them all to make sure they work)

Happy Tuesday

Internet Safer than the streets of London


Is the Internet safe, well it’s as safe as another public place. It is safe with supervision and guidance. I asked my mum how she self about me living alone in London at 22, she said it was scary but she new that I was sensible and would make good choices, so while London wasn’t overly Safe the choices I made would be safe. I think about all those parents who don’t like their children catching public transport because it’s not safe. Turns out being on a train with security guards (in Perth this is all night every train), cameras and good lighting way safer than stepping out of your parked car to walk to the front door of a quiet street. I know which makes me feel unsafe.

While we were all looking for strangers turns out that the danger is on the net sitting in your room, alone not sharing. I’ve had people find my Instagram and say they live in my local area and would like to hangout. In this modern Generation Safe internet is hard to find.

SAFER INTERNET DAY is on Tuesday the 7th of FEB get involved atĀ

May Motivation Monday

It’s been a long term her in Western Australia already and it’s only week 2.

Went to a inspirational Teach Meet last Friday ill tell you more soon, also a post about report writing and how I get by.

But for now a motivational moment, that is quiet fitting for this weeks postsĀ Realteachersknow.jpg